Staff & Principals

Douglas H. Phelps

President and Executive Director, The Public Interest Network

Faye Park

President, U.S. PIRG; Executive Vice President, The Public Interest Network

David Rossini

Vice President and State Offices Director, The Public Interest Network

Ed Mierzwinski

Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

Michelle Surka

Director, Campaign for Budget Transparency

Jesse O'Brien

Director, Campaign for Price Transparency
(503) 231-4181 ext. 307

Mike Litt

Director, Campaign to Defend the Consumer Bureau

Joe Ready

Director, Democracy for the People Campaign

Bill Wenzel

Director, Healthy Farms, Healthy Families Campaign

Annalise Dobbelstein

Campaign to End Harmful Farm Bill Subsidies, Associate and Coordinator

Chris Lindstrom

Senior Director, Campus Consumer Protection Campaign

Kaitlyn Vitez

Director, Campaign to Save Student Aid
(202) 546-9707 ext.321


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