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Credit freezes FAQ: You can prevent a fraud nightmare in 20 minutes

by Teresa Murray, Consumer Watchdog

March 2, 2021

Some of your worst fraud nightmares can be prevented in about 20 minutes. That’s roughly how long it takes total to freeze your credit files with the three major credit bureaus -- Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. A credit freeze, also called a security freeze, prevents most entities from seeing your information in the credit bureaus’ databases.  

Here's how to report illegal robocalls, Do Not Call violations in all 50 states

March 4, 2021

by Jacob van Cleef, Consumer Watchdog Associate

Illegal robocalls and unwanted telemarketing calls can be annoying. If you want these calls to stop, you can take steps that could lead to consequences for offenders, including possible fines.

How to Identify and Report Price Gouging during the Texas Freeze

By | Lauren Banister
Democracy Associate

As the winter freeze in Texas continues to unfold, many Texans are complaining about extremely high prices for shelter, safe drinking water and plumbers services to fix broken pipes. There is a lot to worry about with this crisis and absurd prices for basic necessities shouldn't be one of them. 

Should I be dripping my faucets?

By | Lauren Banister
Democracy Associate

We have been hearing for days about the need to drip faucets to keep our pipes from freezing. But now the message has changed. With slightly higher temperatures and a water supply crisis brewing across the state, the most important task at hand is to conserve as much water as possible. Hospitals and emergency services are relying on us. Here are the best tips we can find to help keep your pipes from freezing while conserving as much water as possible.

Why do I have a water boil notice? What does it mean?

By | Lauren Banister
Democracy Associate

Cities across Texas are posting water boil notices left and right as water pressure falls across the state. Here are some resources on how to make sure your water is safe, why our water is unsafe right now, and how we can pull together to get through.

Dealing with the Texas storm: Protect yourself, your home and your finances

Here are some tips to help consumers protect themselves during and after a disaster, including how to spot possible opportunists, bad deals and con-artists:

  • Take photos: Here’s a good idea for all homeowners anytime, but especially those dealing with storm/ weather damage: Take photos and videos now of your home and belongings, if you can do it safely, so you can better document any losses.



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