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Jacob van Cleef,
Consumer Watchdog, Associate

Violence has become such a problem that a federal no-fly list has been proposed, so unruly passengers could no longer fly.

Though reducing isolation periods saves airlines money, it is the most irresponsible choice that could lead to more employees and customers getting sick.

You have six weeks to file your income tax return for 2020. Every year, it seems there are more issues to watch out for. 

Fraudulent unemployment claims have been on the rise during the pandemic. Scammers received more than $36 billion by fraudulently claiming unemployment benefits last year, with millions of cases of fraud suspected. You could be next.

With vaccines here, it may soon be time to reschedule vacations and other trips for later this year

New federal law stops phantom rental fees after six-month delay

Here's some advice to help keep your information and wallet safe

State-by-state analysis shows companies financially benefited from fewer claims but barely compensated customers

Eviction moratoriums, unemployment benefits, student loan repayment reprieves are ending, homeless shelters aren't a good option and there's no more relief in sight.