Remove recalled kids' products

Parents and caretakers want to keep children safe. Unfortuantely, we often find hidden dangers in products after they are sold ranging from toxics to choking hazards.  For instance, a new U.S. PIRG Survey found 1 in 10 child care facilities were still using unsafe infant sleepers like the Rock 'N Play or Kids II Rocking Sleeper months after a recall. And with more than 5.4 million of these products recalled, a lot of them are probably still in use.

These aren't the only dangerous products that could be in your home.  In the last few months, we've seen toy vehicles, Disney plush toys, and even toddler boots recalled for a number of different hazards. You can help keep your, and other, children safe at home in the day care by getting updates on product recalls at And then, ask your day care how they stay up to date on recalls