Finding Food Recalls

Finding Food Recalls

Dangerous recalls in meat and poultry increased 83% from 2013-2018. But, you may not hear about them because our recall system relies almost exclusively on media coverage to spread news of recalled products. You should be able to trust that the food you eat is safe, whether it’s in your home or the store.

Here are a few steps you can take to protect yourself by staying up to date on food recalls:  

  1. Go to the customer service desk at your grocery store: Start by asking where you can find in-store notifications of recalled items. Most stores will post signs in one of three locations: in the place the product is normally stocked, by cash registers, or on a public announcements board. Once you know where your store posts signs, you can make it a regular part of your shopping to quickly check that a product you bought doesn’t show up as recalled.  

  1. Sign up for your loyalty program: Some stores choose to engage customers in a more direct way, by calling, texting, or emailing you when a product you bought has been recalled. These programs are the easiest way to stay up to date on recently recalled products. 

  1. Check This website compiles recall alerts from the FDA and the USDA. It also has helpful information about the basics of our recall system. You can follow them @foodsafetygov.

  1. Sign up for email alerts: You can sign up for email alerts about food recalls from the FDA and the USDA. These alerts are easy to sign up for, and you can tailor your emails to filter out products you never buy. 

  1. Follow the FDA on social media: The FDA also uses social media to alert consumers to recalls. You can follow them @FDArecalls. The notifications are prompt and contain pictures of the product that has been recalled. 

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