Our watchdog team stands up for the interests of consumers

For more than 40 years, we’ve been educating consumers about how to protect themselves and their rights. We work to get dangerous products off store shelves, to end exploitative practices and ensure a level playing field in the marketplace. Right now, our Watchdog team is focused on consumer threats ranging from data breaches to dangerous toys.


New Consumer Challenges

In recent years, the administration and lawmakers cut back on vital programs that act as a safety net for consumers. Meanwhile, new products, services and technologies are being introduced into the marketplace every day. Our watchdog work has never been more important.

With your support we are able to:

• Identify emerging threats to consumers, and thoroughly research impacts, solutions and alternatives.

• Get critical information out through our consumer alerts, so consumers can protect themselves and their families.

• Our lawyers, researchers and experts often can work directly with a company, agency or service provider and get them to act in their customers' best interest. When that’s not possible, our team runs public education campaigns to get the word out, so empowered and informed citizens can join us in demanding change.

More Than 40 Years Of Protection

U.S. PIRG Education Fund has been working to protect consumers for more than four decades.

  • We’ve helped establish identity theft protections in 49 states
  • Our research has led to the recall of more than 150 unsafe toys
  • Our public education efforts and reports have resulted in more effective and affordable prescription drugs
  • And more...
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Our consumer protection work is only made possible by supporters like you. Together, we will continue working for a safer, healthier and more financially secure future. The best way to support our efforts is by making a monthly donation today.