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For more than 40 years, U.S. PIRG Education Fund has alerted the public to risks to their health, safety and financial security. And, we empower people to avoid these dangers and protect themselves. Below are some of our most frequently requested resources and now we're adding new ones regularly.

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Guides and Resources

  • Safe Food Preparation
    Safe Food Preparation

    Baking and cooking carefully with these steps will help ensure your guests and loved ones don't pick up a foodborne illness.

  • Flying with Family
    Flying with Young Kids

    Parents shouldn't be separated from their young kids on a flight. These steps raise your chances of sitting together. 

  • Unsafe used cars for sale

    Our research uncovered numerous used cars with unfixed recalls for sale. 

  • Shopping safely online

    Learn how to avoid unsafe, banned or dangerously mislabeled products on online websites. 


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