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Pictures from our DC toy safety news conference today

By Ed Mierzwinski
Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

Today, PIRGs around the country released our 27th annual Trouble In Toyland report, highlighting potential choking, toxics, magnet and noise hazards kids may face.The CPSC and firms have conducted recalls or taken action on more than 150 toys identified in our report over the years. The toys in the annual report are examples of hazards. Many more may exist. More information for your smart phone and computer at our mobile app, toysafety.mobi. Here are a few photos from our DC event, where we were joined by Dr. Bryan Rudolph, a pediatric gastroenterologist, and Bob Adler, a Commissioner of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). First, at top right, U.S. PIRG Public Health Advocate Nasima Hossain holds up a toy, with Dr. Rudolph (c) and Commissioner Adler (r) looking on. At top left, here is Dr. Rudolph making a point about small powerful magnet hazards (link to his comments to CPSC on magnet hazards). He made a lot of important medical comments, and also pointed out that not only is it a horrible tragedy for a small child to lose most of his bowel after swallowing several magnets, but that the surgery to repair the damage could also cost millions of dollars. At right middle, that's a closeup -- may be hard to see -- of two tiny magnets on the top and bottom of Dr. Rudolph's finger.  Even older children and pre-teens, he noted, have used the magnets as pretend "facial piercings" and swallowed them. At bottom left, that's Commissioner Bob Adler talking about the success of of the CPSC's new public database, saferproducts.gov. He also announced that next Thursday, November 29, CPSC Chair Inez Tenenbaum will hold an event with Customs Department officials at a New York area port to announce the continued success of their partnership to keep dangerous toys off the shelves by stopping them at the boat. Finally, bottom right, Dr. Rudolph and Commissioner Adler enjoy a word while cameras rolled into our conference room in preparation for the event.

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