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 | by
Danielle Melgar
Food & Agriculture Advocate

Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a gift of a favorite food?

 | by
Mike Litt
Director, Consumer Campaign

Even with the knowledge I’ve gained working as a consumer advocate for several years, getting my finances in order has been a work in progress. 

These items are less expensive or sometimes even free, but that doesn’t make them any less special. A variety of online groups make it easy to buy pre-loved.

With hectic holiday schedules, experiences can occur whenever the gift recipient has the time. 

Give something you already know they will use

Shared or rented items such as bikes, tool or farms are practical and appreciated

This is different from mending or fixing something because the goal is to make something entirely new.

Many of these great holiday gifts can be “found art”

 | by
Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

Some of us don’t want strangers in our home to do things we used to hire out, from babysitting our children to cleaning our windows

 | by
Taran Volckhausen
Communications Associate

Unfortunately, a lot of these coal power plants will power factories making disposable, superfluous stuff such as cheap pens and rubber duckies. Come Christmas, millions of Americans will undoubtedly stuff stockings with these entirely forgettable things.