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Rebooking airline tickets: How to sort out various vouchers and credits for future flights

 | by Jacob van Cleef
Consumer Watchdog, Associate

Here's a guide to the various credits offered by the 10 largest domestic airlines.


 | by
Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

There are lessons for pre-schoolers, pre-teens, high schoolers and certainly, young adults going off to college or moving out.

Methane gas is a fossil fuel that pollutes our air and poses risks to public health. But you wouldn’t know it from the way the gas industry portrays it.

Doctor talking to patient in hospital bed
 | by
Patricia Kelmar
Director, Health Care Campaigns

Here are the steps to getting a written good faith estimate before receiving scheduled medical care. 

 | by
R.J. Cross
Advocate, New Economy, PIRG; Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

Smartphones and the Internet are incredible tools - but they come at a cost. Your data is often collected, sold and shared with a huge number of third party companies, often without you realizing it. Here's how to limit what data is collected on you and how it's used.