Michelle Surka

Tax and Budget Advocate
Michelle Surka works as a Tax and Budget Advocate to increase transparency in government settlement agreements signed with corporations accused of wrongdoing.

Sean Doyle

Democracy Digital Organizer
(303) 573-5995 ext. 390
Sean Doyle is the digital organizer on the Democracy program for U.S. PIRG and state affiliates.

Zach Weinstein

Democracy Advocate
(202)546-9707 ext.384
Zach Weinstein helps coordinate U.S. PIRG’s state and local campaigns for small donor empowerment, and is the lead organizer on the DC Fair Elections campaign to bring meaningful campaign finance reform to local elections in the District.

Matthew Wellington

Antibiotics Program Field Director
As the Field Director for U.S. PIRG’s Antibiotics Program, Matt oversees campaign operations with organizers and volunteers across the country to stop the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms.


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