Andre Delattre

Executive Director
(312) 544-4436 x203
Delattre oversees all aspects of the state PIRGs’ programs, including program implementation and administration.

Steve Blackledge

Deputy Director
(916) 448-4516 x108
Steve provides guidance to state PIRG organizations on matters of policy, strategy, membership development and fundraising.

Allison Cairo

Deputy Director
(312) 291-0349 x303
Allison provides guidance to state PIRG organizations on matters of policy, strategy, membership development and fundraising.

Ed Mierzwinski

Consumer Program Director
202-546-9707 x314
Mierzwinksi is the federal Consumer Program Director and Senior Fellow, and has worked in the Washington, D.C., federal office since 1989.

Phineas Baxandall

Senior Analyst for Tax & Budget Policy
(617) 747-4351
Baxandall oversees policy and strategy development for tax and budget campaigns, including campaigns for transportation reform.

Dan Smith

Democracy Campaign Director
Dan Smith coordinates federal and state level campaigns to curb the corrosive effect of big money on our democracy.

Michael Russo

Federal Program Director
(202) 461-3823
Mike Russo directs our Federal Program.

Chris Lindstrom

Higher Education Program Director
(617) 747-4330
Lindstrom works with state PIRGs around the country to develop and execute campaigns to make higher education affordable and accessible.

Meghan Hess

Associate Federal Field Director
(202) 546-9707 x370
Meghan Hess facilitates the organization's media outreach, coalition building, and grassroots organizing on federal campaigns.

Ethan Senack

Higher Education Associate
(202) 546-9707 x321
Ethan Senack works on higher education issues.

Michelle Surka

Campaign Organizer
Michelle Surka works as a campaign organizer to increase transparency in government settlement agreements signed with corporations accused of wrongdoing.

Jaimie Woo

Tax & Budget Associate
Jaimie works to increase tax and budget transparency and accountability, close corporate tax loopholes, and eliminate wasteful subsidies that fail to serve the public interest.


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