U.S. PIRG Education Fund Staff

Francisco Enriquez
Tax & Budget Associate
(617) 747-4315

Francisco Enriquez is the federal Tax and Budget Associate for U.S. PIRG. His priority campaign is centered on preventing corporations from securing tax breaks for the payments they make to settle allegations of criminal wrongdoing.  He also works to increase tax and budget transparency and accountability, close corporate tax loopholes, advocate for 21st century transportation needs, and eliminate wasteful subsidies that fail to serve the public interest. Mr. Enriquez lobbies elected officials, writes media pieces, and mobilizes a wide variety of public interest groups through grassroots organizing to promote effective fiscal policies. 

Prior to his position with U.S. PIRG, Mr. Enriquez worked for the Virginia Poverty Law Center. He also spent time working for the Comité Contra la Tortura for the Comisión Provincial por la Memoria in La Plata, Argentina, and researching diagnostic tools for early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. 

Mr. Enriquez is a graduate of the College of William and Mary, where he double majored in Neuroscience and American Studies and graduated cum laude.

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